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8th Grade Promotion Requirements

Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School - Clifton Middle School

8th Grade Promotion Protocol 2019-2020

Students must meet the following expectations in order to participate in 8th grade activities:

    1. Maintain an average of a 2.0 grade point average over the course of both semesters during their 8th grade year.
    2. Refrain from ongoing disciplinary action including but not limited to the last week of the school year.

Students who fail to maintain this level of expectation will be referred to the school promotion panel for follow-up.  The promotion panel consists of three teachers, one Administrator, and one Counselor. Final decision is made by this panel and Administration will communicate these final decision towards the end of the school year.

Possible Interventions:

  1. Meeting before or near the start of the school year.
  2. Ongoing review of grades
  3. Fall and Spring parent-teacher conference
  4. Weekly progress reports signed by student, teacher, and parent/guardian
  5. Meeting with Administration and Counselor
  6. Mandatory participation in a support class
  7. Mandatory participation in after-school tutoring
  8. Mandatory participation in Saturday academic boot camp
  9. Mandatory use of organizational binder/materials

8th grade activities may differ between school sites but all are considered a privilege and must be earned by fulfilling the requirements listed above including any and all interventions offered in support of students.

Our goal for middle school students in the Monrovia Unified School District is to ensure that each student can reach a level of success that will adequately prepare them for high school and beyond.  Eighth grade is culmination of the first half of your child’s education and we want to ensure we provide every possible support throughout the process. We believe that schools and parents that work together provide the best possible outcomes for children.


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