Clifton Middle School

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Special Education

The Special Education Department ensures that all students have access to the grade level curriculum that supports all students diverse needs in order to develop the ability to think, write and problems solve critically while nurturing the social emotional needs of each student. 


The members of the Special Education department are:


  • Daniel Barrios:  SAI math 6, Math 6 collab, SAI math 7, Math 7 collab, SAI science 7/8 
  • Sheri Bignell:  SAI ELA 6, ELA 6 collab, SAI Science 6, SAI ELA 8, ELA 8 collab

  • Judith Krauletz:  SAI ELA 7, SAI 7/8 History, ELA 7 collab
  • Xochitl Valenzuela:  SAI 6 History, SAI Math 7, Math 7 collab, SAI Math 8, Math 8 collab
  • Janette Wallick:  SELPA