Athletics & Performance Participation Criteria

Athletic & Performance Participation Criteria
1. If a student wants to compete or perform for Clifton, they must have 2.0 GPA, no F’s (not more than one D), and a good standing attendance record (which includes few absences and few tardies) at the mid-season grade check.
2. The Athletic Director or Coach will complete the mid-season grade checks (dates to be determined and published by the A.D.).
3. If it is determined that a student has two D’s or one F during the competition or performance season, they will be placed on academic probation.  While on academic probation, they may not attend practice or compete/perform for Clifton.  In order to be removed from academic probation, the student must prove eligibility based on the criteria above.
4. If a coach desires a higher standard, he/she will communicate those standards to the A.D. and Administration as long as the minimum competition and performance criteria are met.