Clifton Middle School

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Clifton is proud to announce the launch of a brand new STEM elective program for the 2017-18 school year. Teachers Paul Flores, Ashley Barron, and Bob Drew are the creative team behind the new program placing emphasis on innovation, creativity development, and programming. A 6th grade elective wheel offering is available as well as a 7th /8th grade advanced offering. The 6th grade elective includes a hands-on curriculum that engages and empowers students as innovators and entrepreneurs. The 7th /8th grade elective includes a hands-on experience incorporating math, computer science, robotics, innovation, and flight and aerospace engineering. The newly renovated lab is the result of winning the Northrup Grumman Fab School lab contest in 2016 providing $100,000 of support to build the program. Included in the lab will be access to 3-D printing, laser cutting, and CAD software.